“I can’t thank you enough for the brilliant readings over the last 10 years. Being able to connect with my dad has been so special and a true gift” – Jocelyn

“With my hands on my heart it is my honour to recommend Matthew as I have done and will continue to do to the people in my life who truly wish to deeply open and nurture their connection with themselves, their faith, trust in spirit and knowing that we are never alone. My very first session with Matt was beyond words and life changing. From there I have gone on to be learning the levels of Reiki with him and I am so inspired, blessed and incredibly grateful that by his gentle guiding example and sharing of the gifts he has  I have reconnected to the gift of BEING ME  and just how awesome the dance and celebration of life can and will be” – Annie

“I want to thank you so much for the reading you gave me. It’s been such a balancing force and has helped me to never fear whats ahead.” – Phillipa

“I visit Matthew maybe once or twice a year, and I find his sessions hugely beneficial to my sense of self in the corporate, social and personal spaces. He provides a wonderful sense of ease & reassurance, providing gentle guidance on the many challenges we face in our lives. He is my spiritual therapist, and I find myself feeling revitalised and excited about my future after spending an hour with him. I absolutely recommend Matthew without any hesitation, and have myself taken family members to see him also!” – Angela

“If you are after a world class personal energy balance then you have to see Matt. Thank you Matt! I always get so much out of the Reiki sessions you provide me. Always a sense of lightness and connection.” – John

“I was in emotional trauma and struggling to find myself. Though a friend recommended Matt, I was stressed about the prospect of talking about my pain. I was relieved and comforted by Matt. From the very first session, his skilful, patient counselling helped me to identify and work through problems I thought were insurmountable. In subsequent sessions, we used energy work and meditation to help me regain myself, my confidence. His warmth and empathy were central to my healing process. Thank you Matt” – Beck

“I love the wide range of meditation techniques taught in the meditation course. Thanks for creating a safe, comfortable and inspiring meditation and learning environment.” – Michael

“You make meditation easy! Each week through your guided meditations I visit magical places when all the time I thought I was one of those people that couldn’t ‘see’ things! Answers come and big shifts happen! Thank you for providing such a supportive space both professionally and energetically – You truly have a gift and I’ll definitely be back for more.” – Amanda

“Thanks so much for the reading Matt. Just listening to it again has reinforced – thank you again for all your help and guidance and I am sure I will see you again sometime next year. Love and Blessings.” – Dee