Matthew CarlossI AM a naturally gifted psychic and healing channel. It all started at the age of 12 when I was aware of life force coming through my hands and a strong calling to support others. Then a few years later when sitting in meditation I spontaneously went into a trance like state and began to channel my spirit guide. These experiences came naturally then and have developed into skills that are used in client sessions.

My journey of formal learning began in 1999 when I became a Reiki Master at Uluru. I am also certified in;

  • Advanced tarot  (Academy of Psychic Sciences)
  • Advanced mediumship (Val Hood)
  • Akashic record reading (Linda Howe Centre – Akashic Records)
  • Transpersonal counselling (College of Complementary Medicine)
  • ITA Energy Medicine – Tier 1 (Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness)
  • Meditation facilitation (Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness)
  • Aura balancing (Humanifest)

Although you would expect this from any practitioner, my commitment to you is;

  • I practice purity of heart and intent in my life and bring this into the client relationship
  • I live and work in partnership with spirit
  • I AM compassionate, understanding, open minded and truthful
  • I have your best interest at heart. I love connecting with clients but if I feel there is another practitioner better aligned to you and what you need I’ll call it.